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Customer Testimonials

Very pleased with Cambridge Insurance!
Just moved my home and auto coverage over from Liberty Mutual to State Auto and will be saving over $750 a year on my premiums. But that is not the best part, John Coody made it so easy for me to switch it was almost like I never left the old company and he is local. Very pleased with Cambridge Insurance!! By bbswole - Jan 27, 2011

Great people and great service!
Mary's the best. She's very responsive and is always very, very helpful. By Greg - Jan 20, 2011

They Take Care of Me
I was worried about my insurance earlier this year. I'd been with Grange for a while and got a letter telling me my rate was going up, but my agent called and let me know our options. He ran quotes with their other companies and saved me a ton. I had to leave Grange, but I'm never leaving Cambridge. Their service is beyond what I've ever experienced from any other insurance agency. They treat me like a person instead of a policy number. By dbobcat74 - Aug 6, 2010

Cambridge Rocks!
Whenever I speak to John or Karen, I can hear a smile through the phone and they always sound like they're glad to hear from me. They deal with several companies and make sure that I have the best rate they can offer and they're up front with me. I appreciate the service I've received from Cambridge the past couple years and look forward to dealing with them for many more. By Bobby - Aug 6, 2010

Long Term Client
My agent moved from AAA to Cambridge in 2005 and I followed him. It was definitely a good move for me and my family. Though he's had assistants helping him serve us, we have his cell number and he always calls back if we leave him a message. We are long term Cambridge clients and aren't planning on going anywhere because we know that our agent is more than just an agent, he's a friend. By jody.morgan82 - Jul 30, 2010

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