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Horse Mania 2010

On July 15th 82 freshly painted fiberglass horses and 50 foals of Horse Mania 2010 strode out of artist studios and workshops onto the streets and public libraries of Lexington. No public art initiative in our city’s history has captured the hearts and imaginations of Lexingtonians and visitors as did Horse Mania 2000 a decade ago - and now Horse Mania 2010 is even more popular!

One of the featured horses, Raise A Native, is proudly sponsored by Cambridge Insurance. Raise A Native was actually a famous Kentucky thoroughbred race horse and stallion, but artist Lida Evans has borrowed his name to reflect the many species of native Kentucky flowers painted on her horse. His coloring is also a reminder to Lida of the horse she rode as a girl through the hills of Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Raise A Native can be found grazing in an open field next to Calvary Baptist Church on East High Street in downtown Lexington.

After being on display to the public this summer and through the fall the horses will be auctioned off in the Keeneland Sales Arena on December 11th. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the organizer of Horse Mania 2010, LexArts, a non-profit community organization and its public art programs and non-profit charities throughout the region.

Cambridge Insurance is delighted to support LexArts and believes that a strong and vibrant arts community enhances the quality of life in central Kentucky.

For more information about Horse Mania 2010 see!

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